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XPmigrations.com is a co-op community of talented expert certified Geeks dedicated to upgrading your Windows XP devices. We’re 40,000 strong and able to serve any region in the US and Canada to help you get to a more modern technology environment that is more productive, more secure and more fun! As specialists, we know what to do and how to do it!

Did you know? Microsoft has announced the end-of-support for the Windows XP operating system, launched in 2001. The deadline to safely migrate up and away from Windows XP is April 8, 2014. On April 9, 2014 – you are on your own to fight off the zombies and other lurking threats.


Even USA Today has recognized that the XP migration matter is the top information technology issue today. Click here to read this insightful analysis. And click here to read the XPMigrations coverage from PCWorld!